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> 20 12 2016


Brussels, European capital with the Manneken Pis statue, Grand Place, beautiful historic buildings and multicultural neighbourhoods is a town with many surprising and unusual places that are well worth a visit. 

Yet Brussels suffers from the events it has experienced and their impact on its inhabitants and retail businesses. 

A few months later, Brussels is still a calm, cosmopolitan capital, a great place to live and has a blend of cultures that makes everyone feel welcome from the first moment. 


So, let us be your guide: the 45 Lielensers reveal the best places to visit, for an original tour of Brussels. 

You can also click on the link to view the map on your mobile.

> 20 04 2016

Jacquie et Michel gives you a hand thanks to a connected pyjama.

The famous French pornographic website Jacquie et Michel, in collaboration with the digital agency based in Brussels Mad about You, launch his new innovation: the connected pyjamas Dreamer.

Through a simple and original video, discover how the connected pyjamas Dreamer can help you facing up to stress, tiredness and ambient sullenness that make you knackered. Stop to the soft on/ no more sleepy Joe, say welcome back to the morning manliness.

So, « on dit merci qui ? »